Because of the lockdown, we will start with a special lockdown video assignment. You are going to make a cooking video! In a cooking video you show how to prepare a recipe and give the viewer tips on how to make it at home. In a cooking video you can really show something about yourself, for example cook a family dish, your favourite meal or a dinner for your pet! 
Below you will find some inspiration from (well-known) vloggers on YouTube.

 Introduction assignment: 

Search online 2 cooking vlogs that you like. Publish this on your blog and write what you like about them. Also write down which elements from the video inspired you and how you will apply this in your own cooking vlog. 

The Cooking Vlog Assignment: 

Make a cooking video in which you show how to prepare a recipe and give the viewers tips on how to make it at home. 

- At least 3 minutes long
- The ingredients and steps are clearly visible
- The video is personal, it shows something of yourself
- The video is well edited and looks sleek / attractive

Look below for tips!

Cooking vlog tips: 

- Provide good lighting in the kitchen. Maybe you need extra lamps, for example use a desk lamp to light your cooking vlog. 
- Make a plan in advance and write down exactly what you want to do
- Make sure your phone is charged and has enough storage for videos 
- Have a recipe ready before you start
- Arrange all ingredients on the table / counter. That looks nice and you don't have to find them anymore
- Make your own tripod if you don't have one (see a video below!) 
- Ask a family member to help you, they might want to be in the video too!